Gas station broke the news
February 05, 2018

Gas station broke the news

To refuel the car is usually to be done in the car one thing, although this move may seem very simple, but the process of refueling there are a lot of things to note, how to refuel save money is one aspect, but more importantly, to be safe refueling , Can not damage the vehicle.

Let's work together to share the wisdom of life on the car refuel it.

Urban traffic should not fill the tank

Usually driving in urban areas, we do not need to fill the tank must be full, because urban driving always stop and go, if you increase the fuel tank will increase the engine load will increase fuel consumption, refueling in the city is very convenient, It's easy to find a gas station so there's no need to fill it up.

Do not refuel when the tanker just finished filling the oil

If you find a tanker truck in a gas station and give you a suggestion, change it to a new one. Because the fuel added by the tanker will flush the sediment from the bottom of the tank, and if you refuel at this time, These deposits can easily be added to your engine cylinder, which can affect the life of the engine.

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