CNG Storage Station Cascades

One of the key components in a fast-fill NGV Refueling Station is the CNG Storage Station. In fact, the inclusion of ASME ground storage vessels really defines a fast-fill refueling application.

CNG storage stations allow vehicles to pull up and refuel in a short period of time. In order to fuel vehicles quickly, gas must be drawn from pre-pressurized storage vessels. Unlike gasoline stations, natural gas must be stored above ground. And because it is stored at high pressures it must be contained in ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) coded vessels. Vessels are 20” in diameter and approximately 23 foot long. Each vessel will hold 10,000 cubic feet at 5,000 psi. They are arranged in a three bank cascade meaning that there is a low bank vessel, a medium bank vessel and a high bank vessel.

As a general rule of thumb, only 40% of the stored gas in a three bank cascade arrangement is available for refueling. This means that a 30,000 cubic foot storage cascade will deliver about 12,000 cubic feet of natural gas quickly. This equates to about 96 equivalent gallons of gasoline.

A priority sequential panel is used to direct compressor discharge to the high, then medium, then low bank. When filling, a vehicle will draw first from the low bank, then the medium bank and top off from the high bank. The Compressor will replenish the cascade by filling the high bank first, then the medium bank and finally the low bank.

There are four types of tanks available, designed to hold natural gas at pressures up to 3,600 psi:

Type 1: This is an all metal cylinder made of steel. There is no covering, other than paint, on the outside of the cylinder. This is the most common type of cylinder and least expensive. It is also the heaviest.

Type 2: This is a metal cylinder (steel or aluminum) with a partial wrapping that goes around the cylinder. The wrapping is usually made of glass, or carbon, contained in an epoxy or polyester resin. This design weighs less than the type one and costs more.

Type 3: This type of cylinder is fully wrapped with the same kind of material used for the partial wrapping of a Type 2 cylinder. This type of cylinder has a metal liner usually aluminum. They are lightweight and even more expensive than Type 1 or Type 2.

Type 4: This type of cylinder is fully wrapped with the same kind of material used for the partial wrapping of a Type 2 cylinder. This type of cylinder has a plastic liner, it is very light and the most expensive.

ll CNG cylinders are constructed to withhold up to 1.25 times their operating design pressure and include valves and other safety devices to prevent leakage.

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Emergency Mobile Dispensers

With the development of oil and gas pipeline construction, horizontal directional drilling technology has been widely used trenchless pipe laying, through technology applications currently on the terms of the level crossing world record length, large diameter in the country is constantly refreshed, thus, the level of directional Drilling utilization is rising, oil changes and other maintenance and also increasing the number of drilling rigs as equipment maintenance is an indispensable portable refueling equipment, combined with the unit over the years through the construction of the actual pipeline situation, the development of an easy field maintenance rig tanker operations; same time, mobile dispenser can be applied to the size of the vehicle transmission, differential, steering and other small parts of the oil change and fill oil operations.

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Fuel dispenser pulser arrangement

An apparatus for generating a measure of fluid. The apparatus comprises a flow meter and a fuel dispenser pulser having an identifier and a memory.

The fuel dispenser pulser is associated with the flow meter for generating fuel dispenser pulser data indicative of a volume of fluid delivered through the flow meter. The fuel dispenser pulser may alter the fuel dispenser pulser data using correction data stored in its memory to generate altered fuel dispenser pulser data. The fuel dispenser pulser may store at least one of the fuel dispenser pulser data and the altered fuel dispenser pulser data in the memory.

The apparatus further comprises a switch operatively connected to the fuel dispenser pulser’s memory. The switch is operative to vary the memory of the fuel dispenser pulser between a write-protected and a write-enabled mode.

Also, the apparatus comprises a controller in communication with the fuel dispenser pulser and a serial communication circuit which enables communication between the fuel dispenser pulser and the controller. Communication between the controller and the fuel dispenser pulser includes the identifier.

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China Fuel Dispenser

The fuel dispensers China for dispensing of liquid oil products into road vehicles on retail and commercial outlets. They are progressive single- or double-sided fuel dispensers with one to ten hoses (max. five hoses on each fuel dispenser side) for dispensing of an optional 1 to 5 products.

The fuel dispensers are equipped with a high-quality hydraulic system and with a reliable electronic calculator. All fuel dispensers are operated both in the manual mode (i.e. off-line), and in the automatic mode, where the fuel dispenser is linked with the kiosk control system and the data concerning volume, sum and price are transmitted to POS.

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LPG storage tank

For more than half a century, we have focused on providing superior solutions for liquefied natural gas LPG storage tank. Our projects comprise more than 200 LPG storage tanks throughout the world, including the world’s first double-wall storage and full-containment tanks.

We provide comprehensive design-build services for LPG storage tanks and LPG facilities. We deliver projects on a lump sum, turnkey basis, using our own resources to provide engineering, conceptual design, detailed design, facility optimization, project planning and management, procurement, fabrication, construction, commissioning and operator training.

A smart way to do business

Our true EPC business model translates into reduced total cost of ownership for our customers. This approach also enables us to shorten project schedules, minimize the customer’s risk and maintain rigorous quality control through every step of the project. We provide single-point responsibility so our customers do not have to worry about delays, inefficiencies and duplication of effort that can occur when multiple contractors are involved.

For every LPG storage project, we carefully evaluate the customer’s requirements and recommend the solution that provides the greatest long-term value. Our team of experienced civil, structural and construction engineers strives to optimize the entire storage tank project rather than focusing on a particular component.

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The Fuel Dispenser

We develop and market a complete range of single and multi-product fuel dispensers manufacturers that will allow you to optimise profits from your stations.

The distribution of fuel is one of the core activities, which is why we have developed a range of dispensers suited to your needs and your budget. It was designed for intensive use and easy maintenance. Our fuel dispensers will guarantee a continuous customer service and reduced costs of usage and maintenance.

A fuel dispensers range dedicated to public service stations

As an expert in downstream oil business, We also markets a range of fuel dispensers suitable for public service stations in hypermarkets and supermarkets. Their reliability is proven and they perfectly integrate our management systems.

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Auto LPG Dispenser

LPG dispenser is the most widely used alternative to petrol and diesel in Europe. As demand increases for greener fuel at an affordable price, more and more fuel retailers are taking the decision to offer LPG refuelling. It can be expected that LPG dispenser will only increase in popularity with the focus on greener fuels.

With a full range of LPG dispensers available, fuel retailers can mix and match models and configurations, while maintaining a uniform image across all alternative and conventional fuel dispensers. In addition, with the LPG dispenser it is possible to deliver LPG alongside other fuel grades from the same dispensers.

The range comprises LPG dispensers for both island and lane oriented fuelling, with standalone and combi versions available to suit all customer needs.

All dispensers in the range are ATEX and MID approved as well as being tested and sealed at own facility before shipment. This ensures that when the dispenser arrives at the forecourt it is approved and ready to use.

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Gas Station Equipment Repair and Maintenance


Our Service Division Provides Full Service Maintenance & Repairs For Full Service Gas Station Equipment.

We are a leading service provider for vehicle fuel dispensing, fuel management, and fuel storage tank systems for accounts of any size. In addition to major oil companies, we service small businesses such as independent gas station equipment owners as well as homeowners.


The foundation of our business is still a vital part of what we do. Our competitive hourly rates, preventive maintenance plans, equipment service contracts, and site inspections cover everything that keeps gas pumps, gas tanks, and mechanics bays working like a well-oiled machine.


Data centers simply cannot afford power outages and therefore rely on emergency power generators to maintain operations at all times. Those generators for their mission-critical emergency power fuel systems. We ensure that a reliable source of energy reaches data centers’ emergency power generators when it’s needed, 24/7, to manage and continue facility operations.

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Mobile CNG Fueling Station

Mobile solutions are based on cryogenic tanker that has been safely, economically and reliably delivering liquid gases for more than 20 years. Typically capable of fueling up to 15 vehicles per day, mobile CNG fueling station is an ideal entry level solution for start-up and test projects and also for site vehicle fleets, for example in mining, rock quarries and ports.

The CNG fueling station utilizes a palletized, transportable liquid cylinder to provide a simple and convenient solution for LNG storage and associated fueling and defueling of LNG vehicle tanks. This independent and fully portable unit uses a differential pressure system, is simple to operate and ideally suited to start-up projects and as an emergency stand-by in case of a vehicle defect.

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LNG Dispensers

We offer LNG dispenser, this technologically advanced dispenser delivers LNG fuel to trucks and city buses accurately, quickly and reliably.

The system includes a mass flow meter embedded in a liquid reservoir, temperature sensors and electronics. The unique design of the LNG dispenser provides an accurate flow measurement by dynamically measuring the density of the LNG in real time – it has no moving parts and no diversion of metered flow.

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